ENA Data Browser

Welcome to the data browser for the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement's Eastern North Atlantic permanent site. This site is created and maintained by Jayson Stemmler of the University of Washington (jstemm@uw.edu). You should send him any questions or issues you have, not ARM.

This site provides quick and easy access to a number of data products from the permanent ARM site in the ENA. The data used in the visualizations were downloaded from the ARM Data Archive, which can be accessed through the "Order ENA Data" in the navigation menu.

To begin, input a date into the field below and hit submit. At the moment, the plots are static png files which link to their full-sized versions. I am working on making some more interactive plots for a future version.

Products currently shown include:
  • UHSAS Aerosol Size Distributions and Aerosol Concentration
  • CCN Number Concentration
  • Aerosol Scattering Coefficient
  • CN Number Concentration
  • CO Concentration
  • K-A band Zenith Radar
  • Mean Precip Rate
  • Wind Speed and Direction